Tweets of the Week

:   Check out this awesome autotronic elevator ad from 1955

Thought about replacing our elevator music with a live band, but space might be an issue…

  has simple Do’s and Don’ts for ensuring escalator and elevator safety, see them all at: ,

  President Obama checks out Vator the Space Elevator at the :

  Elevator etiquette, the ups and downs and why it’s not ok to talk normally in them– my col via

  I literally screamed when the doors to the elevator opened! I may have nightmares tonight in my hotel!

  Move a desk into an elevator, and when people get on, ask if they have an appointment.

  “What would YOU have done if a parent let their child press all of the buttons in the elevator?” – A lawyer defending me one day.

A girl just knocked on the elevator door and said “hello?”

  A grown man just yelled ‘all aboard’ on the elevator

:   Check out Charles Seebergers’ letter explaining the history of the word “escalator

  I took the stairs instead of the escalator , should I deserve a #1 from Burger King

:  Seeing reunions at the airport is just so cute. Except when they’re screaming and yelling and blocking the escalator.

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