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Elevator and Escalator Audits are Critical to High-Rise Safety and Performance – via

Next time you’re in an elevator with the CEO, trade in your cold sweat for confidence with these tips.

:  WATCH: Russian man rescues dog from elevator

:   Statement from the National Elevator Escalator Association via

  What did he say? Talk like an elevator expert using the elevator and escalator glossary!

:  At YouTube Headquarters, employees can either take the elevator, stairs or slide.

Guy on the elevator said the top half of my body “looks NYC” & the bottom half “looks Florida.” Not sure if thats a compliment or a cutdown?

Whenever I see a broken elevator I tend to stair

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even in the workplace elevator lol.

I once lost my balance on an escalator and fell down the stairs for 2 hours.

I would do anything for love but I won’t do that. (walk up a broken escalator)

A permanent ladder is being installed to get to the summit of Everest. I’m still not tempted. I’ll wait till an escalator is put in!

  Seattle airport….why do 98% go for escalator, even wait in line vs. stairs. People need to move more!

  It’s okay I stopped the escalator in Bloomingdales in the city because my skirt got caught right?


Cool RT : Through the looking .. panoramic elevator makes for an eyecatching feature

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