Tweets of the Week


“That moment when I get into the elevator and forget to hit a floor number and stand there wondering why I’m not moving…”

“Whoever put the chair in the elevator….thanks!”

“Real law in New York: While riding in an elevator one must talk to no one.”

“Whoever was on the elevator before me went a little overboard on the cologne.”

“And sometimes you get stuck in your elevator on laundry day wearing cowboy boots, running shorts and a cardigan.”

“I’m not saying I like to make people uncomfortable but I will stand right next to you in an otherwise empty elevator. I’m friendly.”

“I just got solicited in an elevator to work security. Now I know how pretty girls who get asked to model feel.”

Quote of the Night: “Sorry, you can’t take this elevator. We’re holding it for Puff Daddy.”

I like to walk into a full elevator, wait for the doors to close, and exclaim “it’s like you people don’t even KNOW me!!”

“I like when people calculate the exact moment to take that pivotal first step…onto an escalator”

“Turns out that the button in the elevator with the fireman’s hat on it…is not the button you press if you want the fireman’s hat.”

“How many times do I have to push this elevator button to equal the same exercise as taking the stairs?”

“The elevator is broken at work so I guess I quit.”


The first elevator in Turkey was installed here in 1892. @ Pera Palace Hotel

A man is being questioned in a series of NYC elevator robberies.

The most amount of time people will wait for an elevator before getting impatient: 20 seconds.

This should be mandatory in every elevator everywhere.

Escalator collapses at Bellevue Square, 4 reported slightly injured

Kids stuck in elevator. #classic


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