Tweets of the Week


If aliens studied us based entirely on our behavior in front of an elevator mirror when alone, I doubt they’d ever contact us.

Whenever I’m waiting for an elevator & the door finally slides open I pretend I’m on a Game Show & just won a group of people

Just dropped all my keys down the elevator shaft smh

No ma’am you cannot squeeze into this elevator there are already 76 people in here and at least a couple aren’t using deodorant

Here’s a joke our son told us as we rode the elevator in the airport: What is Darth Vader’s wife’s name? Ella Vader. #thatsmyboy

Being banned from target for going up the down escalator #woops

I proposed to my girlfriend on an escalator yesterday. It was moving.


Discovery News:  Going Up: Double-Decker Elevators: DNews Nugget

The Onion: Dripping Wet 7-Year-Old Gets On Hotel Elevator 

Maritime Reporter: Cruise Ship Contract for Kone: Kone eco-efficient elevators and escalators to serve another TUI Cruises vessel, …

NikeFuel: In 2013, will you break up with the elevator? Together, we will #makeitcount.

Sorry, Bethesda #WMATA riders. The elevators are still down, after another missed deadline for a months-long rehab: …

Things to do in an elevator

This is what the world’s slowest elevator looks like. #goodriddance

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