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i’d rather be trapped in an elevator with clowns and mimes than with a man who stares at me while he slowly applies chapstick.

If you rush into an elevator when it opens before allowing ppl to exit, then you are simply the worst kind of person. #petpeeve

#thoughtsinthehallway do I actually have to walk up the stairs when we have an elevator that works perfectly fine?

I like getting in an busy elevator and saying ” I hope I fixed it this time.”

*pretends to check phone to make this elevator ride with this one person less awkward*

I play this game with my nephew where he takes the elevator and I race it down the stairs. We haven’t seen him in 2 weeks.

Ever find yourself impatiently waiting for the elevator, only to realize you never even pushed the button?

Funny how if I say one thing to a stranger in an elevator I am then virtually required to say goodbye when they exit

Tried to be healthy and took the stairs. Got locked out. Went down 15 flights of stairs to get to lobby to take elevator back up! #badLuck

Just got stuck in an elevator for the first time. Maintance crews got us out in 5 min. I still took my biz calls calm and collected 🙂

Did you hear about the power outage at the Iowa State library? Forty students were stuck on the escalator for three hours.

Fact: The word “escalate” did not exist until the escalator was invented.

If you push a slinky down an escalator does it stay in the same spot?


This photo went viral w/ over 1M views: … I co-produced & cut this video about its origin: …

Lolo Jones: Stuck in broke elevator with 8 USA Teammates.

Jeremy Piven:  I’m stalking people on this Elevator (lift)

Science Channel: Want to ride a double-decker elevator? You’ll be able to soon enough!

Awesome: elevator parking in 1920s New York

So we’re walking to the escalator that happened to be broken and we see there is a guy on the floor and we t


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