Tweets of the Week

I couldn’t possibly let the week slip away without the “Tweets of the Week”!


@FactHive:  16% of workers admitted to purposely closing the elevator door when they saw someone approaching.

@PastorTullian: Why do hotel elevators skip the number 13? Just because the elevator skips the number 13 doesn’t mean there isn’t a 13th floor.

@KKAlThani:  Shout out to the guy who just took the elevator after leaving the gym. You’re doing it right.

@NYC_Blonde: A man held the door and pushed the elevator button for me so I screamed “LILIES!!! I WANT LILIES AT OUR WEDDING!!!”

@lianamaeby:  I always take the elevator, but I do push-ups inside the whole time.

@alanritchson:  I was in the elevator with someone that smelled like soup, I think it was vegetable soup.

@kendracomedy:  Got stuck on an elevator with two people flirting, I turned to the girl and said “he’s just doing this to make me jealous”

@Jacob__Martinez:  *in elevator with guy I always see* Me:You know I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk Him: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sober #K #RUDE

@theCarlaMarie:  Can’t breathe. Legs burning. Cramping. Escalator was broken and just had to walk up 126 steps, without stopping. I need a cupcake

@Analogist:  Just watched a kid standing at the bottom of the escalator licking the handrail as it rotated past. #barf


@TKE_Americas: This gold-plated elevator door was found in an apartment building in NYC. See more photos here:

@forms_surfaces: Nice! Stainless steel and Fused Graphite pair up in this bold elevator interior at Metropolitan Bank’s…

@Imaginedragons:  This elevator never. Stops. Moving. #guillotine-a-vator

@OtisElevatorCo:  An Otis MOD birdcage #elevator at the @StanleyHotel. We installed it in 1909 and have maintained it ever since.

@forms_surfaces: Check out these custom, historically renovated elevator interiors in the first building named in honor of MLK. 

@LerchBates: Elevator Design in Modern High-Rise Residential Facilities By our own Jay Popp…

@jcrasnick: Meeting the great Morgan Freeman on a New Orleans hotel elevator is about as cool as it gets.

 @ToshibaUSA:  A #GuinnessWorldRecord for the world’s fastest elevator:  via @ToshibaCanada #LeadingInnovation
@beckycloonan:  Found an elevator in my studio building that goes to floor “Silent Hill”, evidently.


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