Tweets of the Week


@perlapell:  Stop fake looking down at your phone in this elevator. If you say “Good Morning” I’m not going to tell you THAT much about my new cat.

@stewhavranek:  My apologies to the guy who got off the elevator wearing a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and flip flops. It’s 20 degrees.

@juicymorsel:  I like my garlic wings to rate somewhere between “clear the elevator” and “ward off vampires.”

@ Enanem: I’ll never forget the day I asked my boss if he could give me a lift to work, I’ve been operating this elevator ever since.

@PatheticPaul: See someone waiting for the elevator… Take the stairs to avoid conversation.

@melymeliiissa:  That awkward moment when you’re alone in an elevator & you start to do weird things & then realize there’s a camera in the elevator

@Blackout_Barbie:  I hate when people get in the elevator after me & then get off before me, like hellooo I was on here first

@KONEamericas:We presented the 2013 Elevator World Project of the Year award for escalator mod to DRCFA and Cobo Convention today. Thanks @ElevatorWorld!

@LisaWhelchel:Just caught myself taking the elevator to the fitness center to workout on the stair stepper. #irony (opposite of wrinkly)

@nPhelendriqal:  4 words no American wants to hear: The elevator is broken.

@Staples: You’re running late. The elevator is broken. And you work on the top floor. #caseofthemondays

@KeaganKinsella:  I was in the elevator making faces and talking to the security camera till a guy one the intercom “hey- how you doin?”hahaha #creepedout

@iPoonampandey: Nothing could bring me down right now. Okay, maybe the elevator could.

@ktowers8:  That awkward moment when you get on an elevator and there’s an unidentifiable liquid on the floor #whatisthat

@RomanoTheCheese: I took the escalator instead of the elevator because I’m trying to be healthy.

@GarvsGirl:  If I have to wait 5 min for an elevator, there better be 100 people getting off when it arrives. Nope, just one dude. What are you DOING?

@megabytetweeted:  I may or may not have pushed most of the elevator buttons so I didn’t have to go back to work yet. #sorryiamnotsorry

@roxnlopez:  Nothing like running into your ex on the elevator to deflate your Friday

@CarrieBerry25:  “When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut, but I was afraid of the elevator so I had to give up my dream.” #intoductionspeeches


@TweetSmarter: #lol “This elevator is so stupid: It has a button for the floor I’m already on.”

@TKE_Americas:  Did you know: The first elevator that had manual user control was installed in the New York Marriott. (via )

@K_Rucki: Schindler successfully introduces Solar Elevator …

@OtisElevatorCo: Fun Fact: ‘The Shining’ was filmed at the @StanleyHotel in Colorado – also home to a birdcage Otis elevator!

@TKE_Americas: Years ago Marshall Field’s department store sent their “elevator girls” to charm school!

@SFoskett:  Fun! The elevator is out of service, and the phone you use to call for help is out of service too! @ CLE…

@DELUZI0NAL:  i just came back from the mall and theIr was a legit sticker on the escalator that said u had to be careful w crocs on

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