Tweets of the Week


@cookieblack: When I get in an elevator, before I press a button I look at everyone inside and say “Are you ready to take this to a whole new level?”

@haythamaly:  Just find the probability of closing your apartment door and finding the elevator exactly at your floor waiting for you, it’s 1 in 6 years.

@clairefork:  I’m always the last Tetris piece in every morning elevator ride #tightsqueeze

@madiiiahhh:  “I’m so glad the elevator is out of service.” -said no one ever

@ANGELAxGOGA:  Alone w a girl on the elevator. She’s on the phone & keeps sayin “HECK YA IM EXCITED!”.. Pls get a life. Nothing is that exiting at 9am

@tayyy_dickinson:  In the elevator some girl was like “omg your hair looks awesome” …. Its basically green #paint

@mayaporter12:  Check your face before you leave for class so some girl on the elevator doesn’t have to tell you you have cream cheese on your nose. #mylife

@MeghanRRoss:  Just said “shut up” out loud to a Valentine’s Day ad on the screen in the elevator. I’m in a really good place.

@Nick_Frost:  You lift me up; every day I find out something new about you! I don’t even mind waiting for you when you take your time. Thanks, Elevator.

@angelica_said:  Multiple elevator conversations about the weather is just something I’ll have to survive today. #snow #work #antisocial

@MayaZankoul:  And the one time I decide to take the elevator in my pajamas, the whole building is there to welcome me. Naturally! #murphyslaw

@Thomaspmurray:  The kids in the elevator this morning reeked of strawberry toaster strudels

@JasonSStein:  Just tried to swipe my wrapped bagel over the elevator buttons to call for the elevator… I think it’s coffee time. Also, #TGIF


@AfternoonNapper:  Elevator post- it.

@GHoFashion Happy Friday morning! Stuck in the elevator! Yay. #tgif

@BrandonMcCrory:  Who’s got an elevator to there front door though ?

@steven_bidwell:  This elevator goes to Brooklyn!!!

@Filmdrunk:  Spotted in my building’s elevator:

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