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  1. Korea Lift Safety EXPO 2010
    15 WED~18 SAT, DECEMBER, 2010

    100 years have passed since the first installation of a lift in Korea. The first lift was installed at Chosun bank in Seoul(now Bank of Korea) in 1910 as a hydraulic freight lift to carry money.

    The first passenger lift was installed at Chosun hotel in 1914. The lift industry in Korea has been expanding since the first installation. The number of lifts installed in this country has increased from 90’s 70,000 to 410,000, which translates into sixfold growth in 20 years. Korea has 25,000 to 30,000 new installations every year and that is one of the largest markets in the world together with China and Japan.

    Korea is going to have the centennial anniversary in memory of the first lift installation in December this year. KESI(Korea Elevator Safety Institute) is taking charge of celebrating ‘Lift 100th year in Korea’ and boosting up the lift industry. KESI launched ‘Lift 100th year Anniversary Committee’ and started preparing the various memorial events with inspection agencies, lift companies, lift cooperatives and Korea Lift College.

    The biggest event of the anniversary will be the ‘Lift EXPO’ which is going to be held from 15th to 18th of December in COEX Seoul. The companies participating in the EXPO will set a promotion booth to introduce their advanced technologies, future vision and business to the visitors. The EXPO will be showing the high speed lift which operates at the speed of 1080m per minute and other next generation technologies such as solar power lift.

    The visitors can also experience technologies related to the lift industry such as CCTV, security, light and fire extinguisher technologies. More than 20,000 people from lift companies, lift industry organizations, inspection and test agencies, universities, and media are expected to participate in the EXPO.

    The history centre will display 100 years of Korean lift history and information on lift industry to which people did not have easy access. The safety experience centre is designed to acknowledge the safety issues and elevate the ability to deal with dangerous situations.

    The anniversary will also present programs like ‘job creation rally’, ‘ceremony of awarding an honor’, ‘publication ceremony for 100 years of lift history’ and many cultural events. The conference and seminar on safety issues will also be held on the dates as well.

  2. The Korea Elevator Safety Institute(KESI) said April 7 it succeeded in developing a system that would do load analysis for hydraulic elevators. According to the institute, it is the first in the world to develop the device. The system does away with the need to place tons of weight in a hydraulic elevator to test how much load the elevator can bear. With the system, a person can simply use the device to test the elevator’s maximum load. The institute said using the device makes it much easier and faster to test the load. It takes 40 minutes to use the actual weight to test the load, but using the device can cut the amount of time in half. The institute said most of the testing devices used in Korea are imports and it is meaningful that it was able to develop the device with its own technology. It said it would be able to export the device.

  3. Hello Daniel,Each vendor has their own requirements for the personnel they would like to hire. When you visit their booth, they will inform you about the requisite qualifications for the various roles they have open. We also suggest that all visitors to the Fair walk with a CV highlighting their experience and education to leave with the hiring managers.

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