U.K. baby named for the elevator in which she was born

One young lady born in the Rowley Regis, West Midlands, U.K., will have an interesting story about how she got her name, thanks to a malfunctioning apartment-building lift, various news agencies reported. Mom-to-be Melissa Cavanaugh,  23, called paramedics to her ninth-floor flat on July 5 after she started having contractions. Upon arrival, Cavanaugh, the baby’s father Paul Yeomans, 25, and three medics all boarded an elevator to get Melissa to the ground floor and ideally, to a local hospital. But the elevator stalled, and after about 20 minutes, reports said, paramedics realized that they would have to deliver Melissa’s baby right then and there. They did, welcoming a 6 lb., 1 oz., baby girl into the world a short time later. One of the paramedics suggested Melissa and Paul name their baby “Ella” after her birthplace, which they did, choosing “Nicole” as a middle name  after another of the paramedics. Read the story and see a picture of the proud family in London-based The Independent.

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