UFO – Unidentified Floating Object

As you probably know, our offices here at Elevator World, Inc. are located in beautiful Mobile, Ala., right on the Gulf. Mobile is a port city which means there is always something interesting going on in the water. Until recently Mobile was a home port for Carnival Cruise ships. Watching these massive ships go up and down the coast, especially at night, was always an awesome sight. But even without the cruise liners, you can still observe huge barges full of cargo, tugboats and occasionally the strange and curious unidentified ‘floating’ object. Take for example the photos below:




This caused quite a stir of confusion among us Mobilians. It’s absolutely massive and was visible from several points coming in to and going out of the downtown area. “So what is it?” we all asked. Well al.com – a news source covering the local area – had the same question and set out to find the answer.

It is the VB 10,000 – the largest lift vessel ever built in the United States – manufactured by Versabar. Check out their website for more information. In technical terms it is a “barge mounted, duel-truss system with the ability to perform single-piece topside retrievals.” Cassie Fambro¬†with al.com puts it into layman’s terms for us as “a really big piece of equipment that can pick up really, really heavy stuff.” How heavy you ask? According to Versabar’s website 7,500 tons! Pretty cool.

It is visiting the Port City for some repair work. This photo below by Sharon Steinmann shows the VB 10,000 at the docks. It is scheduled to leave on March 21.


Here is a great photo from the company’s website showing it in action. It also gives you an idea of just how massive¬†this lift is!

Just think of what Versabar could build if they ever decided to enter the freight or cargo elevator market.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 13.25.53

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