Unique Tram Ride

St Louis Arch

Have you ever wondered how the tram in the world famous St. Louis Arch was designed or operates? I certainly have. Although I have not personally taken this ride to the top, I do find it rather interesting.  The arch has an observation deck at the top, and the elevator-like tram takes visitors there.  It’s a quick four minutes to the top, and on a clear day, you can see forever… well, for about 30 miles. The tram compartment itself is only about 4 cubic feet in size and can hold up to five average-sized people who are sitting. And don’t worry about how high you are up there.  There are two sets of stairs, each containing 1,076 steps to get you down to the bottom should there be a tram failure or a need to evacuate.

You can read more specifics about it here. If you are interested, you can also find a video of the ride here.  If you have taken this unique ride, let us know about your round-trip experience.

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