United in Orlando — Wednesday

Most of the United action came to an end this afternoon as the exhibits closed. In addition to various individual association meetings throughout the day, nearly as many educational sessions were held today as yesterday. The day was kicked off with the annual awards breakfast, some highlights of which are as follows: Frank Musholt of Hollister-Whitney received the William C. Sturgeon Distinguished Service Award, Retro Elevator won the Best Single Booth Award, Canton Architectural Products won the Best Multiple Booth Award, GAL Manufacturing Co. won the Best Island Booth Award, and CemcoLift Elevator Systems won the Spirit Award. Additionally, Allan Hopkirk of the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association announced that the new president of that association would be Joe Kerr (effective tonight), and Bob Dieter, president of the National Asociation of Vertical Transportation Professionals, named his successor — Sheila Swett.

After an announcement of future meetings, it was another busy day on the show floor, punctuated by the presentation of US$850 to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation from Formula Systems North America Inc., winner of the Foundation’s auction of a Nintendo Wii entertainment system, LCD television, and The Beetles: Rock Band and all of its peripherals.

With one more party to make before we go, United attendees will doubtlessly look back upon this event with a smile as we wish each other safe trips home. Goodnight from sunny Florida!


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