Vertical Transportation on U.S. Sitcoms

Elevators have been the focal point of U.S. sitcoms within the last few weeks.  First, on the show Big Bang Theory, the elevator in the main characters apartment building has been out of order for the last three seasons.  A recent episode finally explained why.  See below:

Next, on the show Community the guys show us their version of “the double escalator” and “the awesome elevator”.  


Let us know if you catch something vertical transportation related on television in your part of the world and we will post it on this blog.  Thanks to “coolbanker” over on the EW Message Board for the first video and EW Financial/Human Resource Associate Jeanna for the last one.

1 thought on “Vertical Transportation on U.S. Sitcoms

  1. I’m a bit partial to the elevator on ICarly. A cool freight elevator with power freight doors.

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