Voice Recognition Elevators

This may not be new but still pretty neat. Mitsubishi Electric recently announced a new interface in Japan that allows for blind users to select their destination floor by voice, with a subsequent announcement when they arrive. Additionally, the system kicks in whenever it detects a wheelchair, replacing the potentially difficult process of reaching high buttons with the simple act of speaking. No word on whether the system works in English just yet, but you might want to brush up on your Japanese either way.

This reminds me of this pretty funny clip from a Scottish television show.  Please note there are a few off color humor references so watch with care.

2 thoughts on “Voice Recognition Elevators

  1. Thanks Brad for the post! This technology is pretty unique. I remember when Google rolled out its automated free 411 phone service a couple of years ago. I had more fun trying to annunciate the business I was searching for only to hilariously crack up whenever the computerized assistant came back trying to give me the listing it thought I needed.

    This provided hours of entertainment for my kids and I as I had the call on speaker phone. We laughed so hard at the majority of the inaccurate matches that the Google computer came back with as a result of my inability to speak the English language we all nearly wet our pants.

    I look forward to when elevators have this same capability to provide hours of entertainment as they try to help us out in our daily lives.

  2. This technology is so appropriate for these times. America can really use it now! Thanks

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