VT Takes Center Stage at London Station

The IanVisits blog took a detailed look at London’s Farringdon Crossrail station last month. Scheduled to be one of the first Crossrail (a new east-west railway) stations to open next year, the station has history dating back to 1863. The massive renovation will combine the London Underground, Thameslink and the Elizabeth line with more than 150 trains per hour passing though at peak times and connections to three airports.

On one end, escalators and an inclined lift that matches the angle of the escalators offer an “elegant solution,” the source notes. Also, there’s warmer lighting on the platforms than in the corridors leading to the escalators, which is hoped to affect on how people move, “with people instinctively gravitating towards the warmer tones of the platform when they leave the escalators.”

Be sure to check out the post on IanVisits for many more station details and great photos.

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