What I learned in Freshman Biology Class

In school, students always ask older friends and relatives, “Hey did you take this class? What was it like?” As freshmen, none of us had to ask that question about Mr. Johnson’s Biology class. We were not under any misconceptions as to what the year held. We had been assured by everyone, former students, parents and even other teachers, this would be the hardest high school course we would ever take.

I’m sure if I really concentrated now, I might could recall the scientific name of some obscure insect or dazzle you with my knowledge of all the bones in the adult human body (which we had to create individually out of clay and form into a two-foot tall skeleton). However, I think the most interesting thing I learned has nothing to do with biology at all.

One of the many projects Mr. Johnson assigned was to collect, dry, identify and present 50 different leaf specimens. I had never found myself staring up at trees as much as I did during that project. Even months after it was all said and done, I still found myself looking up.

I’ve come to notice the same thing occurring in my life during the time I’ve been with ELEVATOR WORLD. Prior to first walking through the door here on Morgan Avenue, how many times had I passed in and out of elevators without a second thought? Now, I find myself observing more.

For example, during a vacation in Florida, we spent one night at Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. After checking in, we were pointed toward the elevator. Doors and gates had to be opened by hand. Inside were beautiful flowers inlaid in the walls.

I was so excited that after unpacking our luggage, I made the trip back down to take some photos. (This was another eye-opening experience, one that made me better appreciate the difficulty of capturing a decent image in a dimly lit, small space using only a cheap digital camera with a fixed flash.)

Now I find myself in shopping malls, looking at different portions of the escalators or noticing what type of shoes others are wearing. In the library, I find myself encountering books on the subject such as one work of fiction titled The Elevator about three women are trapped in an evacuated high-rise during a hurricane.

Channel surfing brings me across documentaries including one on a water elevator in the Wailea Canyon Activity Pool at the Wailea Hotel Resort in Hawaii. (I’m still trying to convince the powers that be they need to send me to Hawaii to cover that story, even if I am only a graphic designer! Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked yet.)
I could come up with other examples, but I tend to write too much. So I will leave you with this thought, once your eyes are open to something, you notice it everywhere.

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