What the Fish?

Summer is definitely in full swing here in Mobile, Ala. If the temperatures rising above 90°F didn’t give you a clue, the masses of people flocking to the water would also give it away.

Fishing is a favorite pastime of many here on the Gulf Coast – – myself included, although it has been several years since I’ve had an opportunity to do so.

Many people may not know, but fish and elevators have a unique connection with each other. (Just go with it for now)

This past Spring Break, Elevator World’s own T.Bruce MacKinnon and his son pushed the limits of elevator riding regulations by bringing a fish on an elevator:


I believe after being caught, the fish was ‘invited’ up for dinner.

On display at the 2015 Asansör Istanbul Exposition in March 2015 was this fish-elevator:



It certainly appears quite useful… if you’re a fish… seeking a better view.

Also on display was this fish tank that just happens to serve as a Car Operating Panel:

IMG_3539 2


However, elevators are for us humans too, as they can provide us with an incredible view of these under-water dwellers, with no special diving gear required.

The Deep, an education and conservation charity in Hull, England, features a (human sized) elevator that takes visitors under the water, which is where fish tend to be when they’re not inside panels. The cab pauses halfway through its 33 foot (10 meter) journey, allowing riders to take in the view.



The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with a built-in transparent elevator. It takes riders into about 237,755 gallons (900,000 liters) of seawater for a view of the 2600 fish of 56 different species.



I’m thinking seafood for lunch. Who’s with me?

Thanks for reading,

– Caleb

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