What Your Attitude (While Waiting For An Elevator) Says About You

Do you frantically push the button even though it doesn’t do anything after the first push? Do you press the button once then take out your smartphone and forget you’re waiting for the elevator? Do you want to know how either of these strategies affects the likelihood of you becoming a parent? No, really.  Two media groups recently joined forces on a “TMI” (that’s too much information) study about how you wait for an elevator correlates with your attitude, social influences, and personal preferences.

According to the report, I watch the Food Network while reading InStyle Magazine, listen to Grace Jones music while enjoying a Whopper at Burger King (with Fontina cheese),  I don’t usually honk my horn while driving and am considered an even-tempered introvert who plays on his iPhone in the suburbs.  That’s right, I am a “casual presser” of the elevator button (and proud of it).  Unfortunately, this report doesn’t know me at all.  McDonald’s for lunch anyone?

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