Who Reads EW?

Company:  Zagro AG
Contact:  Rudolf Grob
Location: Switzerland
E-Mail: rudolf.grob@zagro.ch

Reader of EW for over 30 years!

In what format do you receive EW?

Print Magazine


When do you read EW?

I read EW often on my business trips and during holidays, or just whenever I have time in between.


Where do you read EW?

At the airport, on the plane, in the hotel and also in my office.


Why do you read EW?

EW keeps me informed on all the news of the elevator industry, I’m specifically interested in the technical articles, articles about new products etc., reports and photos about fairs, editor’s overview and last but not least in the calender of events and the advertising of the different companies.



I have known and read EW for more than 30 years and I own a subscription since many years. I also enjoy reading the Re-Call-Backs by Bill Sturgeon, it brings back a lot of good memories that I gained over the many years I have been working in the elevator business and which I treasure.



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