World’s Greatest Elevator Rides

Being in the industry, we all know that there are some unique elevators around the world. The people who design, install and provide maintenance on them have at least one thing in common — to give the public an enjoyable but safe ride to their destination. And, if the actual “elevator experience” happens to be a little different than the norm, then that’s okay, too.

Outside of the actual working mechanisms, many things can make an elevator unique, such as a really fast elevator, an elevator with an aquarium or video, a glass elevator located on the outside of the building or an elevator located in an awe-inspiring locale. However, as a member of the riding public, the comfort and feel of the ride is just as important as the “coolness factor” of a fish swimming by while you stop on the 10th floor.

Just the other day I came upon a website ( in which you can vote for the world’s greatest elevator rides. Not too surprisingly, The Falkirk Wheel (featured in the December 2007 issue of ELEVATOR WORLD) is the top-rated elevator ride at this point.

You can vote for 16 different elevators and all have an accompanying video. So, take a look if you are interested and vote if you like. If you think there are any elevators that may be missing from the list, let us know! This started me thinking (dangerous, I know!) about creating our own amusement park full of the world’s greatest elevator rides. We shall call it Elevator World! Now that’s unique.



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